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Got an emergency? Don’t dial 911

…if you are a California resident.

Several municipalities are trying to close their budget deficits by enacting fees for 911 emergency calls.

In the town of Tracy, 60 miles east of San Francisco; local government officials have decided to enact a once-a-year $48.00 per family fee for “unlimited” calls for 911 emergency services, $300.00 per call for residents who opt out of the service and as much as $400.00 for “Good Samaritan” callers in an attempt to close the $9 million budget deficit.

Kevin Martinez of the WSWS.org website writes “At of the end of 2009, unemployment stood at 9.5 percent in Tracy. The city’s population has been significantly affected by the jobs crisis in Northern California. The area has many residents who commute to San Francisco for employment, with workers choosing Tracy as a place to live because it offered lower housing costs compared to cities closer to the metropolitan region.”

Read more here.

In Ventura, residents will be expected to pay a monthly fee, or be charged up to $50.00 for emergency services.

It would seem to me that perhaps government officials could think of another way to reduce the bloated deficit.  Like I dunno, maybe taking a pay cut?





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A Bit off the Beaten Path

I am confident that everyone is either in the grips of news about the Economy or the upcoming election. How this relates to our dogs is multi-fold.

When the economy suffers, there is a distinct rise in the surrender rates at shelters across the country as people determine the hierarchy of priorities for themselves and their families.

Animals suffer as a result.

As for the election, whom we vote for as our leaders determines the interventions and subsequent loss of freedoms that affect our ability to own the animals of our choice and care for them in a way that is beneficial and productive for both species.

Margot Woods of Applewoods Dog Training in Laurel Maryland has a few interesting additions to her blog regarding her views on Animal Rights verses Animal Welfare that address significant issues to animal owners in the United States of America.

It is important to understand that the political candidates who support such radical views as HSUS and PETA do so exclusively for one of two reasons. The first is the principal of money; the politician needs money to run his campaign and the HSUS and PETA operatives are quick in their approach to candidates who will gobble at the proverbial election campaign contribution “carrot on the stick”.

The second principal is simply one that the candidate may simply not be aware of the agendas and sign on in support because they are unfamiliar with the tactics and true ideals behind their new-found allies.

It is important for us to become more involved in the politics that determine not only our fates, but the fates of our animals, our rights to own them and care for them in time honored, respectful ways. The infringement of an oligarchy over the ownership of animals speaks directly to our rights as citizens of this nation and our rights under the Constitutional Laws of our fathers.

No one is opposed to animal WELFARE; the conscious and deliberate acts of protecting animals from abuse and cruelty. Do not be deceived however, by the conscious and deliberate acts of Animal Rights groups to strip you of your rights to own animals.

Forewarned is fore-armed.

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