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Toxic Asset Mikey Vick to be released to Home Detention Soon

It’s just dogs, folks. No-one cares. So he beat up a few pit bulls and forced them to suffer in horrible, painful ways.

So he tormented them, brutalized them, made money off of their pain, what’s the big deal?

Surely you must see the greater good in allowing this loser to play ball again?

Surely you must know that the fine institution of football is infinitely more important than a bunch of stupid dogs, right?

They have to make their money back off of him somehow.

And our demented friends at PETA seem to think that subjecting this sociopath to a ‘brain scan’ will somehow absolve him of his sins and make it all better again, because “science” will have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will never do it again?

Really, they have suggested this.

They are hitching their wagon to Vick to capitalize not so much on the crimes he has perpetuated against other living things, but to align themselves with yet another cash cow to fill their coffers when they themselves are responsible for the mass euthanization of animals. A litany of charges follow PETA, stemming from the activities of several of their members transporting dogs and cats from the Carolinas to Virginia ostensibly for “placement” in homes, but instead turned up dead in dumpsters by their collective hand, with their endorsement.

PETA even admits this.

What about what Vick did? He should be forgiven for these insidious acts? He should be allowed to play football again?

On what planet and in what solar system is it OK for a person to do this?

Have we as a culture been so imbued with the importance of “celebrity” that we will consciously forgive this?

The significance of celebrity has so outnumbered, outweighed our moral obligation to punish wrongdoers of these vicious crimes? We scream about steroids but care nothing about the pain he inflicted on unsuspecting animals? On other living things?

Without a conscience, some football team will allow this deviant to play again. The short memory of the public will soon forget the nature of his crimes.

I don’t buy for a minute his claims of remorse.

I don’t buy for a minute his concern over what kind of image he has portrayed to his fans.

I don’t buy for a minute his worthiness to leave prison and join the ranks of law abiding citizens anywhere, let alone fully expect to be paid to play a game where somehow his life is considered worth more than those animals. Or mine.

Like what he does really matters.

Since they don’t have adequate space in the halfway house he was purportedly assigned to, post a stake out to an old 55 gallon barrel or better yet, tie his selfish ass to a logging chain attached to a rusted old car bumper and toss him some stagnant water and a few crumbs of bread every other day.

If there were ever a hope of me becoming a football fan, it has been forever lost with the haunting prospect of that slime-ball rejoining any team.

His early release from prison is a powerful message to people everywhere.

Oh, I’m sorry, I must have forgotten. They were just dogs. And he’s a football player.

What was I thinking?


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