About the Stone Soup Diaries

A  place for better living without chemistry. Living a comfortable lifestyle without living beyond our means. Giving back more than we take. The occasional humor. Success and failures of a return to a simpler time after abandoning the workplace for a home and a soul. My personal struggle with an addiction to chickens, which I am told are a gateway drug to more livestock.  Turning three acres of schist and neglected pasture into a place where good things grow with a shovel, a spade and the sweat of our brows.

It is my hope that some of the posts in this blog will spark that desire, create the tiny notion that we can do more for ourselves and depend less on resources outside of our immediate control.

I chose The Stone Soup Diaries as my personal allegory for thinking more for ourselves always, not just in times of crisis.

The Stone Soup Diaries is the result of my family’s personal mission to become less dependent on resources that we have virtually no control over in favor of sustaining ourselves through the growth and production of our own food and networking within our own community for resources that we would otherwise have to pay dearly for and not necessarily be as happy with.


One response to “About the Stone Soup Diaries

  1. I like your blog and theme. Awesome.

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